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Är det inte så att det är Light Duty serien inom Land Cruisers , 90, 120 och 150-serien som kallas för Prado i övriga världen medan dom här i Sverige helt enkelt bara kallas Land Cruisers ?

/ Mecki 


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Jag hittade följande på nätet... så Mecki verkar var på rätt spår....


A Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a part of the Toyota Land Cruiser line along with the 70 series and 200 series. The Prado is not sold in the USA as a Toyota but as the Lexus GX series. The Land Cruiser Prado is available in all Toyota markets, except the USA, Canada (available as the Lexus GX), Mexico, and South Korea.

2017 Toyota Prado


Main differences between a Prado and a 200 series are:


  • 4,760 mm (187.4 in) Prado vs 
    4,950 mm (194.9 in) 200


2017 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 $84,775/MSRP USD

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado $54,050/MSRP USD

Engine availability

Prados - 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines, gas and diesel

200 -6 and 8 cylinder engines, gas and diesel

The 200 series is a larger more luxurious vehicle that has more options and trims available than a Prado .

2017 Land Cruiser 70s in various trims


A Prado is more modern, luxurious and on road driving friendly than the various 70 series trims available.

The Prado is an excellent vehicle just like all the above Toyota products, what one is correct for you depends on your personal needs and where you live.


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