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[Help] Land Cruising 79 in Sweden, First Timer!

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Hello Sweden!

First time over your country for the Love of a Land Cruiser 79.... :)

I had the surprise that (Being french) Sweden is almost the same hell (administratively wise)... Then, i really feel like Home ! :p

Yet i have a suspension trouble (broken leaves) that i was supposed to fix but just learnt the garage/Versktad was (definitely) closing.... hence could not do the repairs.

Only to find that, for some reasons, garages here are quite reluctant/nervous to the idea of changing suspensions leaves : they either have no time (why not...) or they say they do not have the Equipment to proceed...

(WTF... Bolts and Nuts job...Maybe a matter of one hour or two... and a hydraulic press for the bushings, maybe...)

So being a bit desperate, I'm turning to the community to see if there is any good advises to harvest or even a 4X4/Land Cruiser enthousiast willing to give me a hand/help on this...

I managed to get shipped all the needed spares to have them on site but i could not guess the hardest part would be to find a garage....!

For now, i'm in the Stockholm/Upsalla area.

Thanks a lot

Yours, Solo


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Good morning Solo!

Sorry to hear about you're break down.

I'm not from the area that you are in right now but have you tried som of the smaller "All brand" workshops, "MEKONOMEN", "MECA" or "AUTOEXPERTEN"? The usually is stationed in every city, and you should find several of one or another in Stockholm/Uppsala area. The different workshops are many times stand alone workshop under for example Mekonomen flag. By that I mean that if you get rejected in one Mekonomen, try the next one. Some times, smaller city/workshop greater help?

Or you could take a wild card and search for a heavy machine/tractor garage, the are maybe more used to work with leaf spring and understanding?

Hope you understand what I'am writing ?

Good luck

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